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Pricing for service


Express Package           $169.00

Highlight DVD made up from up to 5 of your best game footage. (Maximum of 250 minutes of game footage)


Season Package            $259.00

Highlight DVD made up from up to 10 of your best game footage. (Maximum 500 minutes of game footage)


Send it for you mail       $5.95

We send game film/and or highlight DVD to a college of your choice, along with cover letter (optional).  Each unit you purchase is good for 1 US Postal Service First Class mailing to any college within the US.


Extra Game Film           $30.00

Got more game film that your Service Package limit ( 5 for Express and 10 for Season)?



Extra Copy                    $5.00

Need more copies to send out to recruiters of to your family and friends?    



Publish on ANM website $10.00

Get extra exposure by being on ANM website all year for the low price of $10/year.

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Our service provides the competitive advantage of hi-lighting your performances and will allow you to expose your potential to thousands of scouts and recruiters across the country.

Let us highlight your athlete in motion for any college recruiter to quickly and easily identify that player.

We will take your game footage and highlight your athlete so college recruiters can easily identify who their viewing.


Video editing


Athletes N Motion will help you take your game to the next level with professional highlight videos.  Our athletic recruiting firm uses the latest software technology to produce quality highlight videos for athletes wanting to play at the next level or for personal use.


Our skilled background with advanced video productions, allows us to create consistently amazing DVDs and digital video content that enhances the exposure level for any athlete at any level