Athletes N Motion

Erika Ramirez

Director of operations

P.O. Box 731

Wakarusa, IN 46573


become a proud sponsor

ANM is always looking for sponsors to help with the cost of running our program. A little about ANM:

Last December, we branched out into the Elkhart area. Our program is geared toward helping athletes get noticed on the colleGe recruiting circuit.  ANM runs from December to the end of July.  In our first session we grew from 5 kids to 20+ in our short 7 months at Tolson!  We are there to help the children in more ways than just their sport.  We run this organization like a big happy family.  We stay in close contact all year long with parents and kids: checking on behavior/grades at school, have monthly luncheons and celebrate birthdays, go on trips for educational purposes and family fun trips and we also have an Accountability Reward Program that we use to promote positive and responsible behaviors at school and home.

There are however many expenses connected with running ANM and we rely for funding solely on our own and fundraising events with the support of local community and businesses.

If you or your company would like to help, please get in contact with Erika to discuss sponsorship.